WhatsApp new Features introduced you need to know.

WhatsApp new features Introduced you need to know.

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We all know that WhatsApp is very very popular messaging platform that is most used widely across the world. WhatsApp team continuously make WhatsApp updated with new features and here is the list of new WhatsApp new features by the updated date that you need to know.

  1. UPI payment system 

    With the increase in the online payment in India and many payment apps like Paytm WhatsApp has also introduced UPI payments which is currently in beta release in India. Now user’s can send payment to any friend through WhatsApp directly to friends bank account connected with UPI.

  2. Deleting of the message for everyone



    It is one of the WhatsApp new features where If you have typed some message in error and send to your friend or in a group in a hurry and now you want to delete it for everyone. WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature where you can delete any send message within 7 minutes, in recent update time is increased to 1 hours.  the message will be deleted to your friends’ phone and everyone phone in a group.

  3. New Status like Snapchat

    This is the new feature where a user can add status which is shared to all the friend list, and you can even see who has seen your status and status will automatically be deleted from the server after 24 hours

  4. Increased limit of media sharing

    media sharing limit has increased to 30 which was earlier 25. send photos to your friends up to 30 at one time. In the latest update, this limit is expected to increase.

  5. Youtube playback inside the app

    directly playback the youtube video inside the app, if you share any youtube URL in WhatsApp it will automatically get the playback of the video.

  6. Change number

    In case you have lost your number or you want to migrate to new number you have now the option to change number to new number, your friends will not be notified of the new number changed but all the friends in the group in which you are participant will be notified about your number change.

  7. Live Location sharing

    Share live location with any of your contacts, once approved your selected friend will be able to track your location live.

  8. Group calls

    make group calls now with WhatsApp. WhatsApp has a new feature of group calls, add up to 4 friends in a group call which is expected to be increased.

  9. Business accounts

    WhatsApp has now business accounts for businesses. you need a new number to create a business account or use existing number, but one number can be only used at one place i.e. either in the personal account or in the business account.

  10. Separate App WhatsApp business

    Business accounts can be created by using the WhatsApp business app, it is a new app launched by WhatsApp to separate personal and business account. with the business account, the business can message their client and users can block unknown business messages if they want

  11. Verified accounts

    like verified facebook, Instagram, twitter accounts, WhatsApp is now with its verified badge. trusted accounts will be shown as verified accounts.

WhatsApp new features is described directly by Skydevelopers  Mobile App Development team. For any kind of Further information comment below or contact our 24/7 support team. We will be happy to assist your query for free.


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