SEO- How does it serve as a Sale Booster?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every month millions of people Google the term SEO. Interestingly more than 4.4 million blogs are published every day. While this number continues to grow, it has become even more difficult to stand out from millions of other posts. You must be spending a minimum of 2 hours in writing a  blog, just add 5-10 minutes in it to garnish it with SEO tips and tricks and see the result yourself. With billions of search queries made every second, showing up on the front page of the search engine serves as the deciding factor of any business’s performance.

Basically SEO helps you to:

  • Generates qualified leads
  • Increases Brand exposure
  • Helps your site convert traffic into loyal customers

Before jumping to the ways SEO will help you achieve the above-mentioned goals, let us first understand what exactly SEO is and how does it work.

What is SEO?

Ever wondered how the search engine that you are using replies to your queries with hundreds of answers matching it within a blink of an eye? The search engine might change from Google to Yahoo, Bing, or any other; but the magic behind the hundreds of web pages and websites shown in the result will remain the same. That magic is known as SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the practice of increasing both the quality and quantity of website traffic along with exposure to your brand, through non-paid/organic search engine results. It is all about optimizing your content according to people, what they are searching for, the type of answers they want, the words they are using most often, and the type of content they would like to see. The more you focus on these things the more you connect to the potential audience.

SEO is the game of keywords. The right way to make SEO friendly content is optimizing your design, content as well as links according to the latest SEO trends. It includes everything from informative title tags and meta descriptions to pointing internal links and word counts. Always remember only high-quality content will make it to the front page of SERPs. If you want to make your content outshine others, keep up with the continuously updating and changing SEO trends and ranking algorithms.

How does SEO work?

Any search engine that you use has three main functions:

CRAWLING- Every search engine has its own crawler. The crawler goes out to search and collect all the existing information and content that can be found on the Internet. This process is known as crawling.

INDEXING- The crawler brings all the information in the form of 1s and 0s to the search engine, organizes it to form an index. This index then shows you the relevant data that matches your searched query. This is known as Indexing.

RANKING- Ranking is providing the most relevant content out of billions of data and information present on the internet to searcher’s query. Results are shown in the order of most relevant to least relevant. The higher the rank of a website, the more relevant it is to the query.

SERP Features


The different formats in which Google shows results on their search result pages are called SERP features. Google generates SERPs on the basis of queries made by the users. Some of these SERP features include:

  • Paid advertisements
  • Featured snippets
  • People Also Ask boxes
  • Local (map) pack
  • Knowledge panel
  • Site-links

Trusted ways to increase sale through Google SEO

Google SEO
Google SEO

Now that you know what SEO means and how it works, the next most important thing is to know the ways that can help you level up your SEO game. There are plenty of conventional techniques that you can implement to boost sales with SEO. We have collected the best tips and tricks which will not only help you to get noticed online but will also convert potential audiences into loyal customers, resulting in the ultimate growth of sales.

Smart Keywords

None of the SEO strategies can be successful without proper keyword research. Keywords research helps you to understand search terms that consumers are using the most while shopping or searching for the kind of products you are selling. Approximately half of all the search queries made are four-plus words in length, so don’t underestimate the long-tail keywords. Try to find out the keywords and phrases that customers are using or would use to locate products like yours and use them in your:

  • Content
  • Web pages
  • URLs
  • Headings
  • Image descriptions
  • Metadata
  • Page titles
  • Emails

Creative Content

While keywords serve as the starters, content is always the main food. There isn’t any way of winning the marketing race by the usage of the right keywords only. Content is a tool that can be used as a valuable piece of information to convert prospects. It is a shareable resource through which you can reach unknown-organic audiences. When someone searches the internet for a product or service related to yours, Google’s SERP shows them a number of social media posts, blogs, web pages, and other content that would not only match their query but would also impact their buying decision. Out of all the above-mentioned results, only your content can put your brand before all the other brands. Always go for relevant, engaging and authoritative content to have customers knocking down your site.

You can use content in the form of:

  • Blogs
  • Video 
  • Info-graphics
  • Podcasts
  • Animations
  • User-generated content
  • Guest blogs
  • E-books and whitepapers
  • How-to guides
  • Lists
  • Product reviews


Since more than 60% of all search queries are made from mobile devices. Any website that is not mobile-friendly won’t show on the top of search results. With the growing usage of smartphones, even the ones using laptops and desktops, use smartphones every now and then. Making the optimization of e-commerce sites for mobile devices the utmost necessity to drive more traffic from consumers browsing. Also, more than 70% of people visit a business after conducting a local search, so to attract business to your physical or E-commerce store you must include local content such as local keywords and landing pages to your site and make sure that your digital footprint is entirely mobile-friendly.

Fast Site Speed

In July 2018, Google made speed a ranking factor for mobile searches. According to the data found by Google, 53% of mobile users abandoned a web-page that took more than three seconds to load. I hope it is enough to understand the importance of generating speedy and efficient sites to give users what they want. You can easily track your site’s speed through Google PageSpeed Insights. If your page takes too long to load, search engines penalize your ranking. There can be many reasons behind the delay caused in your pages, main reasons being technical errors, complicated designs or poor web hosting services. Remember if your page takes more time than it should, chances of users moving to the competitor’s site rises.

Keyword-optimized Meta-descriptions

Meta-descriptions are short, 155-characters-long, summaries of pages’ contents. It serves as a window that gives consumers an idea about what to expect after clicking on a link from the search results. Clearly the right meta description can increase the chances of getting more clicks when your site shows in the search results. Each site uses a slightly different strategy to give it an edge over the other competitors. Any meta-description remains incomplete without the usage of the right keywords. Always write unique and attractive meta-descriptions to stand apart from the crowd. 

Growing Social Media

 Social Media
Social Media

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the fastest-growing networks to reach millions of people. Nevertheless, it is also an important element of a comprehensive and modern SEO strategy; thanks to the increasing number of consumers are turning to social media platforms to engage with brands. This simply means that it offers huge possibilities to reach new audiences, attract more prospects and develop lasting relationships with the customers.

Social media used to develop a more personalized relationship with the customers by showing them a more human side of your organization. Since most of the users spend 60% of their free time on different social media platforms, showing creative, attractive and unique content to the users can actually help you attract huge traffic instantly.

Other then these you can also use the bold, out-of-the-box and descriptive title tags, write descriptive and keyword-optimized captions for the images used on your site, try to use keyword-optimized headings, link site content with internal links, use sensible and easy-to-read URLs to make your sites perform better than ever before.


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