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Introducing The New Android Pie 9.0 With Their Features.
Introducing The New Android Pie 9.0 With Their Features.

Android Pie is the 9th major release, 16th version of the Android Operating System. It was publicly released on the 6th of August, 2k18. Android Pie is smarter, faster and easily adapts as you use it on your phone. Nonetheless, it is the most famous Android version with  27.77% of Android devices running on it within the first year of its release.

The more you use it, the better it becomes, learning your preferences with time it makes your experience smoother than ever.

We have jotted down all the interesting and cool features of Android 9 Pie, for you:

Adaptive Battery

This feature undoubtedly increases your battery life by putting the apps you don’t use very often, into a sleep mode. It studies the way you use your phone, the apps you use and the ones you don’t. Adaptive Battery is an up-gradation of the Doze feature that was introduced in Android 6 Marshmallow. It is enabled by default but you can change the settings from Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery. Don’t forget that this battery-saving feature can also delay the notifications of the apps you don’t use often.

The Adaptive Battery feature of Android Pie
The Adaptive Battery feature of Android Pie

Adaptive Brightness

Tired of changing your phone’s brightness according to different environments and applications. No more worries The Adaptive Brightness feature of Android Pie learns the brightness level you prefer in specific apps and environments and adjusts it accordingly. Your phone just got smarter with the all-new version of Android and you can now train its brightness from Quick Setting’s drop-down menu.

App Actions

App Actions feature predicts your next move, quickly taking you to your next task. If you do something like connecting your headphones, the playlist you were listening to earlier is front and center. It saves a lot of time by predicting the applications you would use next. For instance, if you are at work, it will show you an app through which you chat with your coworkers while if you plug-in your headphones, it will show you your current playlist to choose a song from.

 App Actions feature In New Android Pie 9.0
App Actions feature In New Android Pie 9.0


The Slices feature of Android Pie lets you jump into certain actions in the application. Let’s assume you search for a cab on your phone, so you’ll see a shortcut to take a ride to the office or house or some other favorite place of yours, along with the respective prices, time and distance displayed. While the App action predicts the app you would use next, Slices predict the task you would do by using that app.

Gesture Navigation

Android has been using the standard three-button navigation bar at the bottom of the screen for ages. To give this trendy and easier feature a shot, go to  Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on the Home button and see your old traditional navigation bar with back, home, and recent buttons change into a single bar that makes the operation of your phone much smoother and easier.

Digital Well-being

The Digital Well-being feature of Android is one of its most interesting and thoughtful features. While everyone’s lost in their mobile phones these days, Digital Well Being designed by Google helps you to check the amount of time you spend on your phone along with the apps you use the most. The dashboard shows no. of notifications sent to you by the apps, how much time these apps consume and how often you check your phone. If you want to save your time or limit the usage of the phone, you can also set the daily time limits.

The new and updated Do Not Disturb feature turns off all the audio and visual notification, blocking all the distractions and giving your eyes and mind a rest by ensuring your digital well-being.

The Wind Down feature fades your phone to a gray-scale during bedtime. The Wind Down feature makes your phone less interesting to use so that you don’t end up spending the whole night scrolling through your phone unnecessarily.


With the new Android Pie’s accessibility menu, you get access to multiple exciting and innovative accessibility features. You can easily activate the new accessibility menu from Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Menu > Use service; which enables an icon that you can tap for actions like quick settings, recent apps, and volume.

New Screenshot Shortcut

With Android Pie, you can easily take screenshots from the power menu since then hold Power + Volume Down button combination for screenshots became boring. Also, you can draw, annotate, or crop your screenshots instantly from the notifications.

Sound Amplifier

The slider on pressing the volume button now appears on the right side of the screen, unlike how it used to be on the top. Along with that, it now changes the Media volume instead of the ringer volume.

Android Pie also provides you more Bluetooth options. Giving you five Bluetooth connections simultaneously. All Bluetooth devices will receive the call as well.

As Android Pie is based on the idea of making your device smarter, your phone now remembers the volume adjustment for specific Bluetooth devices which means you don’t need to change the settings, every-time you switch a blue-tooth device.

New Home Button

Android Pie has brought along the coolest icon for its Home button. The icon is shaped in the form of a pill aligned horizontally at the top of the screen. It is a much-needed innovation to bring a change in the old age traditions of Android.

Android Pie has brought along the coolest icon for its Home button
Android Pie has brought along the coolest icon for its Home button

Smart Notifications

Messaging apps will now provide suggested ‘smart replies’ in the notification to provide instant responses with a single tap. In addition to that, you can also see images in the notifications, without opening the message or application. With the smart notification feature of your Android Pie, you can easily turn off notifications from the apps that are not useful, ensuring that only helpful and important notifications reach you.

Privacy and Security

Android 9 has introduced a number of new and improved security features. One of it is the standardized biometric authentication prompt to provide a consistently authenticated user-experience. For greater security, it also enables encryption of Android backups with a client-side secret code that can either be the device PIN, pattern or password.

Not only this, the apps running in the background no longer have access to your phone’s microphone, camera, or other sensors. Android Pie also offers private web surfing.

We are impressed with all the exciting features of Android 9 Pie’s features that have undoubtedly made our Smartphones more smarter and their operations more smoother. If you know some other exciting features of the same, feel free to write them down in the comment section below.

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