Complete Mobile Operating System list in operation by various companies

various mobile operating system
Mobile Operating System of various phones

Mobile Operating System

Mobile operating system, Mobile as per the name says Mobile  which means mobility, means the capacity of taking it to anyplace, Earlier when there was no laptop there used to be computers, there was the need to move computer from one place to another which was not possible then there came the laptop which was a part of mobile computer and also called as mobile computer, similarly there mobile was discovered that can be kept in pocket hence came the Mobile device. The earlier mobile device has no too much of features. we could only make calls and SMS on 19’s mobile phones.

KaiOS is a mobile operating system based on Linux, owned by KaiOS Technologies, a US-based company. The operating system first appeared in 2017 and is developed by KaiOS Technologies Inc.

Each mobile phone has an operating system as in the laptop and the computers. earlier there were few mobile operating systems but by the time there have been many mobile operating systems.

Each Mobile Operating System has Applications what we call in short “apps” that perform various work, the task in the mobile phone, and easy the mobile operating system, these apps are like facebook, Gmail, gogole+ etc that we use in our daily life. There are of native and hybrid type read here in detail Mobile Apps.

Till the Year 1973–1993 – Mobile phones used embedded systems to perform the control operation.
In the year 1993 – Apple first launched  Newton OS running on their Newton series of portable computers.
and in    1994 – The first smartphone, the IBM Simon, having the touchscreen, email, and PDA features was launched.

What is an operating system

By definition, we can define the operating system as” low-level software which supports a computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals.”
An operating system provides the platform in which all the computer program runs upon.

What is Mobile Operating System

Mobile Operating system is much like the windows or other computer operating systems, It supports all the operations of the phone, it supports all the software that can run on the phone, it is like providing a platform for all the software to run upon.
An operating system performs all operations like the phone call, messaging, email, keyboard, files manage etc.
All the apps of the Mobile device are stored and managed by the operating system.

Complete List of Operating System of mobile phone

Here is the list of the mobile operating system, and a link in detail about them.

  1. Symbian Mobile Operating System
  2. Android Operating System
  3. IOS Operating System
  4. BlackBerry Operating System
  5. WebOS Operating System
  6. MeeGo Operating System
  7. Bada Operating System
  8. Windows Phone Operating System
  9. Maemo Operating System
  10. Palm Operating System
  11. Sailfish Operating System
  12. Tizen Operating System
  13. Ubuntu Touch Operating System
  14. QNX Operating System
  15. Fire Operating System
  16. Yun Operating System
  17. Nokia Asha platform Operating System
  18. Lune Operating System
  19. MIUI Operating System

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