Mobile Apps : Native Apps or Hybrid Apps Which is best and why?

Are you Looking for developing a new Mobile App / Android application and confused which technology should you prefer

you are not alone. according to research several non-tech people are confused in selecting the platform for developing mobile apps.Here we will give you the right information on the both native app and hybrid.Let us see details about both of them.

native and hybrid app difference

Native app development

  • Native app refers to a specific platform i.e. they are platform dependent, e.g. an app made for android device won’t run on IOS device
  • Native apps involve programming according to the operating system, e.g. for Android applications is developed using Java, windows, c++, XML etc. whereas IOS  applications are developed using XCode, Objective-C etc.
  • Native apps are expensive as compared to hybrid apps
  • Native apps are fast, responsive, user-friendly, smooth and much better in performance than hybrid apps
  • You have full control over what you are making
  • Native apps provide the best user experience
  • Native apps take more development time as compared to hybrid apps

Hybrid app development

  • The hybrid app is a cross-platform application that is built using the web technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Native apps involve programming in one language and will work on all mobile device
  • Hybrid apps are less expensive as compared to native apps
  • Hybrid apps are sometimes slow, non-responsive, would crash at many points
  • You do not have full control over what you are making
  • Hybrid apps lack in providing the best user experience
  • Hybrid apps take less development as compared to native apps

Difference between native and hybrid app development image

The difference between the native mobile app and the hybrid app is described directly by Skydevelopers  Mobile App Development team. For any kind of Further information comment below or contact our 24/7 support team. We will be happy to assist your query for free.



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